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camilla chance story

From childhood I knew I wanted to be a writer.  But for years was punished for even talking.  It was war time and today my ancestors would be called elite.
I knew abuse.  I knew punishment.  But, I learned love.
…and to connect deeply through the written word.

20 years with an elder

Being presented to the Queen of England set a predictable path for my life.  However, it just didn’t fit.
After marriage and relocating to Australia, I wrote a book. 
Aboriginal Elder, Banjo Clarke, took me into his confidence.  Even the Prime Minister consulted him.  He was a leader among the oldest living Indigenous people on earth.  Their wisdom is undeniable.  And Banjo Clarke told me the story.  No wonder the book won awards.

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human dignity

As Elder, Banjo Clarke, said, “World peace is inevitable.” 
Of course, we’re not there yet, so it’s a privilege to have the Austin Macauley Publishers handling Melissa and Kasho.  They produced this bully-prevention video featuring two other authors and myself.  Profit from Wisdom Man has always gone to others, and there’s always more we can do.