Warrumyea means Left-Handed Woman


The Left-Handed Woman …advance praise…

The Left-Handed Woman tells a story of a very artistic child,
Camilla Chance, who grows up in an aristocratic, but cold-hearted, family. 

She fights their cruelty with sensitivity, a sense for God, and kindness.

Camilla, highly intelligent, feels everything with strong moral codes.
These, a powerful loving relationship with her Irish grandmother,
and a deep spirituality lived in the Baha’i faith, together saw her through.

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In university, she meets and later marries a doctor – a holocaust survivor.  He too was familiar with the pain of abandonment and the power of love.

Camilla experiences creative abuse at the hands of her father,  then life and literature when she and her husband go to study in London.

Returning to a small town in Australia, Camilla established miraculous Aboriginal connections.  As their spokeswoman and advocate, she is widely acknowledged.

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It’s about you…

She also experienced living in “the spiritual realm” guided by higher spirits…for years! 

The Left-Handed Woman is an author, song-writer, painter, brave woman who gives, gives, gives.  She also has an open mind and heart to connections in each moment.

Moved by beauty and higher principles, Camilla’s memoir unveils the gifts of integrity: commitment to your talent, to what you believe in, and choosing love above all. 

The book will renew you in its purity and show you how staying true to yourself is not just the best way,
it is the only way.

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